Operation Karibu
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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the health of mothers and their families in medically underserved communities. We are dedicated to improving access to health services, diagnostics, education, and medication in rural Kenya.

The Program


Many families in Kenya lack access to medication and health screening services. We provide safe, welcoming community centers where families can receive lifesaving medicine, diagnostic care, and health education.

Many mothers in Kenya have no clothes for their newborns. We convert donated t-shirts into onesies and give them to mothers who deliver in health centers.

Many mothers in Kenya must walk miles to reach their nearest health clinic. We provide a means of transportation for mothers so they can give birth under the care of trained professionals.

More than 6,000 healthy babies have been born through our program.


Thousands of mothers and their families have access to our innovative card game, Learning Pamoja, and other health education resources with information that can save lives and transform communities.

Our program means fewer at-home deliveries, more lifesaving prenatal care, better rates of malaria prevention, better adherence to childhood immunizations guidelines, a decline in the rate of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and greater access to critical medical screening services and medication.

Get Involved


Join us in Kenya to see our program in action and work hands-on to help us reach our goals. Trips are all-inclusive, fully customizable, and partially tax deductible.

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