Baby Clothes

When our founder, Dr. Moka Lantum, discovered that many women in rural Kenya were not delivering their babies in local clinics because they had no clothes to dress their newborns, he began providing baby clothes to mothers who delivered in clinics, and our signature program, Operation Karibu, was born.


Today, we offer baby clothes, a safe delivery, emergency transportation, birth preparation, and care training to thousands of mothers in rural Kenya. The incentive of baby clothes has proven highly successful in bringing mothers into our program for a safe pregnancy and delivery. In the clinics where we work, the rate of safe deliveries has increased by as much as 300%, and all program participants have had safe, healthy pregnancies. In communities where as many as 1 in 15 babies and 1 in 100 mothers die during or soon after childbirth, this is a truly amazing record.

Mothers in Operation Karibu receive an incentive package of infant clothes made possible by our generous donors. Our loyal supporters make Operation Karibu a reality by donating t-shirts and infant clothes to our program. Local Kenyans sew our donors' t-shirts into baby clothes and give them a new and meaningful life in the hands of a mother in their local community. In this way, a t-shirt sitting in the back of closet can actually save a life in Kenya!