Hubs Campaign

We’ve made great strides helping to improve the public healthcare system in Kenya. Facilities where Operation Karibu has been deployed have seen significant increases in the number of mothers who:


  • Attend the recommended prenatal visits

  • Give birth under the care of trained health professionals

  • Vaccinate their newborn

Every aspect of OpK has been extremely successful: our baby clothes have given the mothers that extra incentive to come to the public health facilities; our emergency transportation has made it possible for them to make the long journey; and our Learning Pamoja educational card game has taught them important health concepts.

In fact, OpK has been almost TOO successful! The public health system in Kakamega County has been struggling to keep up with the huge influx of mothers to their facilities. Our research shows that they lack the staff, space, and medical supplies to meet the needs of their communities.

Bronze Donor

It became obvious that we needed to fill the healthcare gap. That’s why we’re launching a campaign to fund the implementation of our solution: The Hub!

Hubs will serve as a bridge between the community and the public health facilities by providing:


  • Full stock of essential medical supplies at below-market prices.

  • Groundbreaking healthcare technology to test for HIV, STDs, and pneumonia., etc.)

  • A safe, comfortable space for the community to attend health classes and play Learning Pamoja.

  • Dedicated, trained staff to lead classes, conduct tests, coordinate  medical care, and order medical supplies.

Seven Hubs are already operational (see our Hubs page for more details), and they’ve been hugely successful. Our goal is to launch 25 more hubs by the end of 2018 to help more mothers have the medical supplies they need. Donate today to help us reach our goal:

Silver Donor
Gold Donor

If you’d like to know what goes into setting up and running a Hub for a year, visit our Hubs page. For more information about our new Volunteer Adventure program that you’d receive as a Gold Donor, just keep reading:


It’s one thing to donate to a cause you believe in. It’s another to actually participate in that cause and actively push it towards success. If you’ve always wanted to get involved with 2020 MCI, come join us in Kakamega County in rural Kenya and start your own hub!


  • Launch a hub: Get to know the local community, set up the facility, organize and promote the big event, and host the grand opening.

  • Go on a safari. Trained professionals will be your guides for an unforgettable adventure.

  • Flexible itinerary. The program can be customized per volunteer preferences, abilities, ages, and budget.

  • Minimum age: 16 years old. Great for passionate high schoolers (and their families) who want to do something more than sit on a beach for their vacation.

  • All expenses paid: accommodation, transportation, and most meals.