The signature program of 2020 MicroClinic Initiative, Operation Karibu seeks to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers in rural Kenya. When our founder, Dr. Moka Lantum, discovered that many women in rural Kenya were not delivering their babies in local clinics because they had no clothes to dress their newborns after birth, he began providing baby clothes to mothers who delivered in clinics, and Operation Karibu was born.


Today we offer baby clothes, a safe delivery, emergency transportation, birth preparation, and care training to thousands of the most vulnerable mothers in Kenya.

Three Pillars

Birth Preparation & Care Training: Learning Pamoja

Baby Clothes

Emergency Transportation

The Impact

More than 5,000 healthy Operation Karibu babies have been born in the safety of health care facilities instead of at home, where medical complications too often result in tragedy.


We've expanded Operation Karibu to the poorest county of Kenya, Kakamega County, bringing our program to ten sites and serving thousands of mothers per year. By offering mothers baby clothes, emergency transportation, birth preparation, and infant care training, we've increased the rate of safe delivery by as much as 300% in the communities where we work. Operation Karibu means a decline in the rate of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and an increase in life-saving prenatal care, malaria prevention, and immunizations for newborns.

In 2017, we’re bringing our innovative maternal health game, Learning Pamoja, to dozens of health care centers in rural Kenya, allowing us to bring life-saving information to thousands of mothers and their families.


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