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Medical Hubs

Most families in rural Kenya travel many kilometers on foot to reach the nearest clinic, and the youngest and most vulnerable young mothers — who might be just 14 or 15 years old — still encounter discrimination, intimidation, and social stigma.


Our Medical Hubs expand our program to bring lifesaving medicines, medical screening tools, and health education to the hardest-to-reach communities — those most in need of these services.


Our hubs are community-integrated, accessible, low-cost delivery points equipped with a variety of easy-to-use technologies designed to promote health literacy, provide non-invasive low-cost screening test services, and provide access to lifesaving medical supplies for target conditions, including acute febrile disease in children, pregnancy/maternal care, sexually transmitted diseases, and non-communicable diseases.


We now have five hubs operating in rural Kenya, where we expect thousands of visits for medicines, medical screenings, and health education — improving health literacy and access to critical health services in the communities that need it the most.